Monday, June 13, 2011

Giant/Martins/Stop & Shop Hallmark Deal (two week long deal)

I mentioned that I was buying Hallmark Cards this week and it's a crazy good deal so I want you to be able to get in on it as well.
You get $5 off instantly when you buy 3 cards($.99 cards are excluded but the $1.49 cards are included).  The deal is buy 3 $1.49 cards --- $4.47(Giant PA gives a 10% discount on cards so it's $4.02) they will be free if you only buy cards, or they will take $5 off if you buy something else.  This is a good deal since you can use your savings on anything you want even milk which doesn't normally get discounted, but you will pay tax on your cards($.24 for me).  If you want more expensive cards you can get 1 nicer card and 2 $1.49 cards, the $1.99 cards would be free this way(you'll have a zero balance which my cashier didn't know what to do with).
There are two types of $1.49 cards at Giant PA(not sure what the sister stores have). 

Graduation Money Card Holders 

Saturday's Funny Mom Cards(these are only found in the newer bigger Giants that have two half rows of cards).

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