Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meal Plan 6/20/11 thru 6/25/11

Breakfast --- Home-made Egg McMuffins, Eggs, English Muffins and assorted items from the stockpile
Lunch --- Homemade Lunchables(aka crackers, cheese and folded up turkey), leftovers, hot dogs(from last week) and assorted items from the stockpile
Snack --- Peaches, Bananas, Yogurt(from 2 weeks ago), watermelon,  

Monday --- Kielbasa with Peppers over rice(stockpile)
Tuesday --- Roasted whole chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots
Wednesday --- Chicken from Tuesday over pasta in a cream sauce with frozen veggies
Thursday ---  Breakfast for Dinner Omelets(peppers, onions, cheese) and English Muffins
Friday --- Mom’s night off Fantasy Husband will grilled Turkey burgers and veggies or we’ll get a cheap dinner out
Saturday --- I’m thinking sautéed turkey in a cream sauce or whatever I can find discounted at Weis

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